Taylor’s Bakery Ltd is a family run business, which has been operational for over 85 years. Based in the ex mining village of Shotton Colliery it is a family orientated workplace, employing staff from the local community, firmly believing that it is indeed this community which has supported and enabled the business to flourish.

The Taylor family first came to Shotton Colliery in 1929 and originally the deliveries were made by a horse and cart. As the years progressed the Bakery expanded, securing shops in Haswell, Wheatley Hill, and Shotton Colliery. The horse and travelling shops were eventually replaced by vans. Some people will recall the cream vans mostly Morris Minors, with Taylors the Bakers emblazoned on them. During the war 1939-1945, six vans serviced the local villages. Although petrol was rationed as a food service we were able to maintain our services to our very loyal customers. For many this was a lifeline.

After the war a new factory was built and a new shop opened on Front Street, just above the Colliery offices. However, times were changing.

Gradually retail vans were replaced by delivery vans servicing local shops, factories, pubs and clubs. Our very first customer was Johnny from Johnny’s café in Wingate who asked us to make a large straight bun! We had never heard of this and had not made these before. It was of course a hot dog bun. A lifelong friendship was formed between Johnny and Mr Taylor, a friendship that spanned many years.

The Bakery is still very much a family business owned by Jim Bradley and Mr Taylor’s daughter Amanda. Our staff are our most important asset and we are very proud of them. Alongside Jim the day to day running of the business is managed by Lisa Baker and David Hutton. All are always on hand to help and support customers old and new. Mr Taylor is still alive and well and has just celebrated his 87th birthday.


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